What is Backlinks And How to make quality Backlinks

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What is Backlinks

What is Backlinks And How to make quality Backlinks

What is Backlinks And How to make quality Backlinks have a lot’s of questions in your mind? So today we talk about how to get your blog success with Backlinks   Every day millions of blog post in Google and index on Google. But it’s not possible to rank each & every post.   There billions of Active website in Google who do their regular post and providing great content. You are also one of them.

  But, Few of the website Ranking on Google. Because of their Authority site and Quality Content.   If You are one of who.

So, congratulations.   Now, This all is the research-based results by Google. Frankly says, Every single second 1000+ blog post published in Google. So, Don’t worry about ranking if you have patience and you are a hard worker then don’t worry about it   Let me derive some basic  

What is Backlinks meaning

In a simple word Backlinks is a link of other websites to your web page.

Frankly says, Backlinks is a connection with two or more website by sharing websites links you your website   For example, Mukesh writes a post on SEO Tips. And he has a lot of friends who support each other, He writes his post and in their posts, there was a word SEO course and he added a link on that word from this friend website. This interlinking is known as Backlinks.

A backlink is a door of one website to others.  

What is Quality Backlinks

In a simple word a Quality, Backlinks is That backlink in which more & more visitors comes to your web page from High Authority sites.   For example, a 10-year-old website has a high DA (Domain Authority) and the growth with Organically.

And if your post link with this high Authority site then you get more visitors to your site   Frankly says, if a Website having a high DA.

And you get Backlinks from that website then your visitors increase and Your DA will also increase.  

How to Rank Website With Backlinks

If You want to rank your website in Google Top pages then you need to do Off-Page SEO   But how? You need to analyse your competitor’s websites From where they build their Backlinks.

Analysing is very important to beat our competitor website.   You can Use Backlinks checker tool for 30-day free trial by Moz or 7 days free Trial by SEMrush & You can use ahref 7-day trial by $7.   Backlinks checker tool analyse the competitor’s website and find their Backlinks and do-follow it.   There is some Backlinks Free tool to find the limited number of Backlinks Free. You can use aherf  

How To Build Backlinks Free

1. Guest Posting

Well, I’ll share only one method for Quality do-follow Backlinks which is  Guest Posting.   Believe me, this is only a single method and working method for Do-Follow Backlinks.

This is an old method but working and followed by millions of Bloggers.   You need to find that website who accept ‘Guest Posting’ according to your Niche.  

 2. Social Media

You can make millions of traffic from social media.   You need to make a connection with bloggers who working on the same niche.

You can make Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & much more.   Share Your post on this social media and enhance Your Website Traffic   Till now I think you will understand what is backlinks.  

3. Other Blogging Website

Well, there are many blogging websites available on the internet but the value is some only.

Medium is one of the best blogging platforms for a backlink.   Medium is free of cost. Means you can blog on medium at free you don’t need to pay any single amount   You need to do just copy & paste Your whole article and at last, mentioned your website URL and you get do-follow backlinks.  

4. Backlinks YouTube 

Many pro bloggers like Neil Patel are doing blogging & also work on YouTube.   You can also do the same thing. Just write a post and make a video on it and explain in YouTube Also & also mentioned Your website URL and say viewers to read more at Your website

You get Backlinks YouTube for free. You don’t need to pay any single amount in YouTube   Well, Till now to may understand What is Backlinks. I hope You all doubt clearly on what is Backlinks. But there are some more words related to what is Backlinks You should know about it. So here is it  

1. Link Juice: When a web page link to Your any article or link with your homepage it is known as Link Juice. It also helps in Ranking on Google Pages  

2. Low-Quality Links: The Low-Quality Links are that come to your website form any spam website or any wrong site. This is Low-Quality Links.

There are many factors maybe you get backlinks from any low-quality website or maybe from that website who’s the spam score already high. This can lead to Your Ranking  

3. High-Quality Links: As I’ll explain early. High-quality links are that links come from any authority site having a good DA PA. These backlinks help you to growth Your website as faster.

You need to find the website according to your website niche and connect with that blogger and start sharing Your Links. This help to grow faster.

You know what is backlinks, So the High-Quality Links you should know about it  

4. Internal Linking: internal linking means the link of your post to another post of your website. That means visitors can click on that link and go to another post and read that article. If your website is ranking on Google then recommended adding 2-4 links on that post of your website.

So, here I complete what is backlinks and till here I’ll know your all doubt cleared  

You can do one thing share this post with your friends and family and help her also in what is backlinks  

Your each and every share count and motivate me a lot. To make more stuff.

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