GreenGeeks Review (2020): 13+ Pros & Cons Features details

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 GreenGeeks Review

GreenGeeks Review

Are You search for Best WordPress Hosting?

If Yes Try Greengeeks Hosting.

Today I’m Going to share my experience of using Greengeeks. And going to do Greengeeks Review.

There are several web hosting companies that are live now. But selecting a good web hosting companies always give a great performance.

Frankly says, A Good Hosting always comes with Sucess.
Now let me derive why Select a Powerful Hosting is Important

Recently I watch a video of Pritam Nagrale the owner of the Money connexion.

He says he was using the cheap web hosting from few months and her website is attacked by malware and he lost her ranking.

He lost more than a $500 to save her website and after that, someone suggests her to change there Hosting and after that, he never found any issue

There are many bloggers who facing this problem. So here I think you know what important to select a powerful web hosting for your success

Now let’s know more details and explore what the experience shared by me & others while using GreenGeeks. Let’s start with the initial.

GreenGeeks History

GreenGeeks was founded in 2008 by Trey Gardner and till GreenGeeks hosted more than 300,000 websites. GreenGeeks will know as Siteground alternative. Because both are working well for WordPress sit

Want To Host Your WordPress Site in GreenGeeks?

List Of Amazing Pros Features Of GreenGeeks Review

GreenGeeks has a lot of amazing features and great deals. They have great customer support, Fast loading, Green Environment

We use it from few months the average loading time and uptime is superb.

May pro bloggers who are using the GreenGeeks Hosting from a year. Let’s see what they say about GreenGeeks Review.

“GreenGeeks has become a well-known brand in the WordPress hosting industry with their blazing fast website performance, 24/7 U.S. based support, and an environmentally responsible platform.”

— WpBeginner

Unlike most other web hosts, GreenGeeks has just one shared hosting plan. The plan costs $2.95 if you pay for 3 years in advance (the actual cost is $9.95 per month if you pay monthly). It comes with unlimited web space, unlimited data transfer, support for unlimited domain names, and unlimited email accounts and MySQL databases

— Hosting Facts

“It’s hard to imagine something intangible, like a website, contributing to climate change. In fact, with millions of servers and thousands of datacenters drawing massive amounts of electricity, the web hosting industry is on pace to surpass air travel as one of the world’s worst polluters”

— HostingAdvice

1. 300% Green Environment

You visiting the GreenGeeks Website You can see the Greenish Design and at footer mentioned 300% Green Web Hosting Powered By Renewal Energy.

GreenGeeks is an environmentally friendly web hosting company.

Then What does it means?

As per they say
It means that for every kilowatt of electricity that we draw from the power grid, we return three kilowatts in the form of wind and solar energy.
By putting more clean energy back into the power system than we’re using, we are effectively negating not only our carbon footprint but also those of two other similarly-sized companies.

GreenGeeks is eco-friendly web hosting

Now let’s Know the Benefits of Buying The hosting

2. 99.90% Uptime Guarantee

GreenGeeks have made 99.90% Uptime Guarantee which is really working.

I’m using GreenGeeks Hosting for my other websites and the performance for Uptime is Impressive. Don’t believe it? See that Pro Bloggers Says

Many Pro Bloggers having a great user experience. According to hosting facts, The uptime for GreenGeeks Hosting may vary from 99.90% in 12 months. The experience of using GreenGeeks is impressive

GreenGeeks Review Keeping their uptime in a month almost 99.90 – 100%

GreenGeeks Review
Live test site: hostingfacts-greengeeks.comAvg. uptime and speed24-months+

Let’s see this stats.
September 2020 Average Uptime: 100%
August 2020 Average Uptime: 99.96%
July 2020 Average Uptime: 100%
June 2020 Average Uptime: 99.78%
May 2020 Average Uptime: 99.85%
April 2020 Average Uptime: 99.94%
March 2020 Average Uptime: 99.90%
February 2020 Average Uptime: 100%
January 2020 Average Uptime: 100%
December 2019 Average Uptime: 99.99%

3. Fastest Loading Time

We also test the Page loading time of GreenGeeks hosting

Here are some results from wpbeginner site speed while using it

GreenGeeks Review

The average loading time is 446ms. Which is pretty impressive

As far using others hosting we test it on our website by switching hosting and what the result we get Let’s see.

greengeeks review

So here You can see my page loading speed is much impressive than last results

Not believe Me?
Let’s See some more stats from hostingfacts. Here what the results come after 24month of uses.

GreenGeeks Review
GreenGeeks’ average speed 2019-2020 | See stats

4. Incredible Customer Support

Customer support is one of the most important factors for users. We all have some technical or any server issue happens while using any web hosting service.

GreenGeeks Review

You can easily connect with customer Support through live support it’s superb and fast

We just connect with the customer within a minute. But at night time they take some time to reply after 10mins. May be any service issue due to late-night the support are not available much. It’s normal not a huge problem

You can ask any query while buying time hosting just at the bottom You get live support You just need to add Your email and You easily connect with Support and ask your questions.

GreenGeeks has a responsive 27/7 expert support Which is much impressive.

There are lots of Different categories You can easily find your questions answer from this article. Although these answers based on user questions. So you can find your answer. This is an easier way

GreenGeeks Review

But if not then you can connect with live support 24/7 at any time they will solve your queries.

Now it’s my user experience on GreenGeeks Review but what about others? Here some user reviews I’ve gotten from Twitter on GreenGeeks Review

5. Free Domain Name & Website Migration

All through GreenGeeks offers a free domain name for 1sy Year and free website Migration.

If You want to start your new journey GreenGeeks gives you a Free Domain Name which is absolutely beneficial to every newbie

Already hosted Your site? No Problem you can transfer your site to their services for free. Not need to worried about it.

6. Free Daily Nightly Backup

Well if you have a WordPress site then this is much important to take this step to take up a daily backup

It’s much important to do that. As if your WordPress site may be break or maybe any reason they hacked. If you have a proper backup then you can easily backup and start your work again

GreenGeeks gives a free daily nightly backup means you don’t need to worried about backup just your sleep and your data dill backup when you at sleep. Amazing right!

For additional security measures, they also offer real-time security scanning, automatic brute force detection, Spam Assassin protection, SSL secure server, and the ability to password-protect your directories

But not at all some times maybe your Control Panel backup automatically off. I never face this problem but some of the customer you says. But not a major problem it can be fixed by in your control panel setting or if not connect with live support.

7. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Hmm, Are you buy GreenGeeks Service and unhappy while using services. Then no problem you will get your full money back.

But this can be done under 30 days otherwise you can’t make a refund. To request to read this GreenGeeks review because I’ll mention every point of prospect which should know before buying the Hosting

You can read out the term’s & condition of money-back guarantee in GreenGeeks official website.

8. Server Locations.

GreenGeeks offers data centres in four locations:

Chicago, US
Phoenix, US
Montreal, CA
Amsterdam, NL

Choosing that proper server location can have a huge, positive impact on your website’s SEO. Plus, if you pick a server closer to you, you’ll experience faster speeds.

GreenGeeks promises customers that they will keep servers up to date with the following specifications:

  • Never oversold
  • Gigabit Connectivity
  • The Latest Generation Energy-efficient Intel Xeon processors
  • Minimum of 64 GB DDR3 ECC-Registered Memory
  • No desktop hardware
  • BGP4 Gigabit connectivity to many Fiber GigE Tier 1 Backbones
  • RAID-10 SSD Storage Arrays to give you maximum performance & redundancy
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) Acceleration

Each data centre includes the following features:

  • Biometric and key card security system with man-traps and a rack-level locking mechanism
  • SAS 70 Type 1 certified (with audit report available on request)
  • FM 200 server-safe fire suppression system that has an early pre-fire detection mechanism
  • Dual-city grid power feeds, plus battery backup that includes an automatic transfer switch and a diesel generator on-site
  • Staffed 24×7 by SingleHop data centre engineers and technicians and monitored remotely
  • Automatic climate control and temperature system with temperature and humidity sensors throughout the facility

So you’ll make certain with GreenGeeks that your data is stored on high-quality, state servers.

9. Free SSL Certificate Forever

In GreenGeeks Review one most interesting point is Free SSL certificate forever

Is it the truth? Yes, buddy! You get Free SSL Certificate for Lifetime after using GreenGeeks Services.

Now you know what SSL certificate does. An SSL Certificate is the most significant factor for SEO or if you want to rank on Google.

Now a day every web hosting company gives Free SSL Certificate and GreenGeeks is one of it.

10. Free CDN (Content Delivery Network)

We all interact with a Content Delivery Network (CDN) on a day to day if you are browsing online, whether you’re watching news sites, social media pages, or shopping online.

GreenGeeks offering a CDN to every user which are powered by Cloudflare. That’s great news for your site optimization, especially if you’ve got a worldwide reach.

The best part? It’s absolutely free.

Cloudflare allows users to cache content and use servers closest to website visitors to urge it delivered. As a result, web surfing is far faster for those that come to your website.

11. One-click WordPress Install

Want to start your own WordPress Site. Well, you can easily install WordPress and host your site on GreenGeeks

You can use install much Software but wanna start your blog recommend to choose WordPress CMS(Content Marketing System)

Well, every web hosting is providing one-click WordPress install this is a common feature in all hosting.

12. GreenGeeks Facebook Poll Review

Well As says GreenGeeks is one of the best Siteground Alternative. But the competition between them is always betting each other

You can see the competition between GreenGeeks and Bluehost. Some of the Poll Bluehost has lots of votes but don’t Judge with GreenGeeks. Bluehost has a bad customer support service. While GreenGeeks Doesn’t.

13. GreenGeeks WordPress Review

While Everyone is going to preface to choose WordPress as there Blog website. Even 35% of the website on the Planet runs on WordPress

The Performance of the GreenGeeks WordPress Review is impressive. The loading time, site speed, uptime is amazing.

If You want to start your online Blog/Website then go with GreenGeeks WordPress because in less price you get a lot of features

GreenGeeks Pricing & Hosting Plans

Here is the quick overview of what you get from GreenGeeks Review

GreenGeeks Review

Shared hosting: Unlike most hosting GreenGeeks also has a shared hosting at lite plan starting with $2.95/mo if you buy for 3-year plan. The actual cost of the plan is $9.95 per month.

WordPress Hosting
We get three criteria plan to start at $2.95 per month. Each plan has its own benefit.

Lite Plan
GreenGeeks offer Lite Plan for a starter. Highly recommend if you going to start your website then Go with Lite Plan then after you can move on other plans starting at just $2.95 per month.

  • A quick view of the plan
  • You can host 1 website
  • Unlimited Webspace
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain Name for 1st Year
  • Free Nightly Backups
  • Standard Performance
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Pro Plan
GreenGeeks offer Pro Plan Suitable for those who want to host multiple websites & require more speed. Pro Plan starting at just $5.95 per month.

  • A quick view of the plan
  • unlimited website (Upgrade)
  • Unlimited Webspace
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain Name for 1st Year
  • Free Nightly Backups
  • 2X Performance (Upgrade)
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Premium Plan
GreenGeeks offer Pro Plan suitable for those with online stores or very busy websites. Pro Plan starting at just $11.95 per month.

  • A quick view of the plan
  • unlimited website
  • Unlimited Webspace
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Dedicated IP (NEW)
  • Free Domain Name for 1st Year
  • Free Nightly Backups
  • 4X Performance (Upgrade)
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Well, this is all the Pros of GreenGeeks Review and You will know about GreenGeeks Hosting. Now it’s important looks at some cons of using GreenGeeks Hosting

Cons Of Using GreenGeeks Hosting

Well, everything in the world is not 100% perfect

Same as GreenGeeks, Well you know about the something good one of hosting but You should know about some cons of hosting which must know every user

1. Overpriced while Monthly Plan

The basic plan of GreenGeeks for WordPress Hosting just starts at $2.95/mo.

GreenGeeks Review

If you buy for a year plan it will cost you at $2.95/mo. But when you move with a monthly plan then it’s cost you $9.95/mo. Which is a huge amount Right?

Well, here I suggest going with Yearly plan which cost you a lessor beneficial to you.

Well, Here some special gift for you. You will get a discount for Your Hosting which plan you want to buy.

How To Get started With GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks Review Done and know everything about GreenGeeks.

Now it’s time to host your site or migrate with GreenGeeks follow these steps

Step 1: Choose the WordPress Plan
Choose which plan you want to get started. I’ll recommend going with the lite plan if you starter otherwise you can choose a higher priced plan also.
Click Here To See Price

Step 2: Create A Domain name free
Enter what domain name You want to get started. Just enter a domain name and select .com only

GreenGeeks Review

If you already purchased a domain. See below ‘Use A Domain Already Have’ Just enter your domain name and click next.

Step 3: Fill Up Your Bill Details
Enter Your name, email, address, city, state & Phone number and continue your bill

Now in Account Plan, You get three options for 1 year, 2year and 3-year plan whatever you want to choose it depends on You. I’ll choose for 1 year.

GreenGeeks Review

Now move on, Enter Your Payment information and pay with a credit card. Now click create Account

You have done it. Shortly you will get Recipe in Your Email

Congratulations You successful Hosted Your Website with GreenGeeks.

FAQ Related To GreenGeeks Review

1. Why You choose GreenGeeks?

There are so many web hosting is available on this planet. But not all are good GreenGeeks is increase there performance day by day and the cost of the plan is not much as compared with competitors. GreenGeeks plan started at $2.95/mo. And the Siteground plan started at $6.951/mo.

2. Does GreenGeeks is better for WordPress Site?

GreenGeeks Sales daily more than a thousand of WordPress Hosting. Well, everyday people purchase and use it. Daily user share there experiences well almost 90% of user are happy with GreenGeeks service. You will get great service support and also great customer support

3. Can we rank using GreenGeeks Hosting?

Umm….. Ranking on Google does not depend on hosting. You need to add your own strategies to rank on Google. SEO is one of the best ways to rank #1 on Google. Building Backlinks is also important.

4. What was the staring plan of GreenGeeks Hosting?

GreenGeeks Plans start from $2.95 per month. You can also go with Pro & Premium Plan, Every plan has its own performance. I suggest if you are started the go with Lite Plan.

So, here I complete GreenGeeks Review and till here I’ll know your all doubt cleared

You can do one thing to share this post with your friends and family and help her also.

Your each and every shares count and motivate me a lot to make more stuff.

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