How To Start A Blog In Blogger – A Begineer To Advance Guide

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How To Start A Blog In Blogger

Want to start a blog and earn money online.

You come at right place
Here I give you a full details and full knowledge of How to start a blog in Blogger

Before going to start i want to clear you that my this website is also runs in Blogger,  So the Experience is going to be great.

Do You want to earn money? Are you one of who want to be a own Boss? If yes join blog today. Here the best guide for you to How to start a blog in Blogger

Why blogging? Is blogging is very easy and easyer way to earn online? Is it real. Yes blogging is very easy and give you a massive income. It’s depend on how you work to write your Blog and how potential writing your blog regular.

After reading this blog you need to start your blog Today

Why you want to come in blog? Do you have interest in blogging? Do you have passion among blogging. Yes you have because you came here because you have interest and passion among blogging.

That’s alright you have Interest among blogging.

What is Blogger?

So, before we going to start you must know what is ‘Blogger’.
Blogger is a basically Google Platform which allows you to write post published Post and modify your website for free. ‘Blogger’ is a free Google Platform in which you can create a blog and earn money. Google Provide Free Subdomain You not need to Invest any single amount in ‘Blogger’

Advantages of using Blogger

  • Google own platform so you can trust with no doubt
  • Blogger is a Google Product that mean you will get more security in your blogger website
  • Blogger is a free platform made by Google. You will get top level domain .com for free
  • Google Provide free web hosting named as It’s speed and loading time is very fast. You can checkout my website speed test it’s also runs on Blogger
  • Google Provide a free SSL Certificate with Blogger that’s mean you not need to pay any single amount to buy a SSL certificate it’s free
  • Google Provide https for free. It’s also help to rank in Google, if you have a SSL certificate (https) Google marks as your website is safe and you can rank easily
  • Like other CMS(content marketing system) Example: WordPress, Google Blogger also allows you to take Backup of your all content if any issues or problems happens.
  • Blogger provide responsive template which makes your website responsive
  • You can edit your template, design your template, layout editor are very helpful
  • Blogger post editor provides all essential tools to write an excellent blog post. It allows you to edit or modify your article, search description, labels, location, custom permalink, custom robots tags, image alt tag, blog post scheduling, errors, and redirections
  • You can monetize your site with Google AdSense and other programs like affiliate marketing easily and earn massive income

Now let’s deep into our queries

How to start a blog in Blogger

Here’s The 6 steps you need to follow. Please read carefully and understand what you need to do. If you not read carefully you can be miss some afford that can be lead your blog.

So, Let’s Understand all the steps one by one. Are You Enjoy? If yes Congratulations you are in the way of sucess. And If no, Not a problem read this blog carefully and you enjoy Also.

Let’s Drive in each & every steps

Step 1: Sign Up Into Blogger With Your Google Account

Before You create a Blog with Blogger, You need an Google Account but why asking this question? If anyone who are here not using Google account is not possible but if you don’t have here is an guide how to create a Google Account just click here

After creating a Google Account go to and click sign up button see here below

Choose Your Google Account To Sign up with Blogger

congrats You Complete Your first step in How to start a blog in Blogger

Step 2: Sign in Your Blogger Account

After sign up with Google Account into Blogger
Now let’s sign in into your Blogger Account, choose that account you sign up with Blogger in Previous Steps

How To Start A Blog In Blogger

Step 3: How to create a blog in Blogger

After Doing all previous steps well now it’s time to create a Blog
When you sign in you can see this Blogger interface, Now let me show you how to create a blog

Click on the top left Menu Button

How To Start A Blog In Blogger

Select Create a blog Option in the top section

Step 4: Choose Your Blog Title and Address

After Selecting Create a blog Option You can see this interface

How To Start A Blog In Blogger

After clicking ‘create new blog’ option, a new window will be open like the following screenshot below and there you need to fill details.

Enter Your Blog Title, You can enter your title on which your blogger named for
For example:- “Advice Blogging” it’s my title of my blogger website.
You can add own name title also, Don’t worry you can change the Blogger Title any time

After selecting a best title for your blog now lest select the blog address see screenshot below

Enter Your Blog address as per your blog title. Now

How To Start A Blog In Blogger

 what is address 

Here is an example ‘‘, Here www.bloggerbasic is my address and .com is my Top level Domain
You will get a free Domain in Blogger provided by Google as

If you see this error that’s mean your favourite address of your Blogger is not available, Try to add some little space like “Blogger–Bassic”

After adding it now you can see this address is available
Note:- Not use any numbers in your address it can harm your ranking because of SEO friendly address.

After all now click create a blog. And it’s done to How to start a blog in Blogger

Step 5: Choose a Best Responsive Blogger Template

Now select any template which fill our affords
You can select the Notable Templates
it’s amazing and responsive also
You can Buy a premium Blogger Template Which makes your Blogger more eye catching.

Now you done Your Blogger Website is ready to launch

I’m sure you carefully follow all steps How to start a blog in Blogger

Let’s Drive into next steps

Step 6: Optimise Your Blogger setting

Optimisation of Any Website or Blog is very important today here you understand how to start a blog in Blogger and how you optimise your Blogger Blog

Go to Blogger Dashboard see left side panel you can see the ‘Settings’ Option. Now click on it and let’s edit some stuff.

How To Start A Blog In Blogger

Add a description to your blog

Adding a description in your blog is very important and it’s necessary. It’s help to describe the users as well as search engine what is your blog about

Modify Your Post, Comments and Sharing Settings

This section help you to optimise your home page. Here what you need to do first, You don’t need to edit any post settings it’s already optimised

If you can to do some changes in comments section, then change the who can comment and select user with Google Account it’s help to avoide any spam comments, and if you want to moderate your comments then select Always Options, when someone comment on your blog post then you will moderate there comment then the comments was posted, I always suggest to choose this setting.
You can learn more About the what this settings says by clicking questions mark symbol ❔
I hope form here you understand everything and you read this article carefully

Now, The last step that is very important and related to SEO, After doing this setting it’s help you in ranking. So read the last step carefully and get sucess in How to start a blog in blogger.

Step 7: Advance SEO Tips to get more Traffic to your Blog

Some settings in Blogger which help you in SEO, it’s help you a lot Ranking in Google
Some Blogger users not do this setting. So that’s why the post not rank in Google
Try to do the same setting that I’m going to Guide you now.

Exited? I’m also excited

So let’s Drive into every a single points to get more traffic in your Blog in your Blog and you easily get sucess in How to start a blog in Blogger

Go to Blogger dashboard -> Click Menu -> Select Meta Tag and turn it on.

How To Start A Blog In Blogger

Note:- Turning on Meta Tag is very important because when some one search your blog in website your search discription describe your blog

Also it’s helpful in Blog Post.

Now click on search description and enter your description about what’s your blogging website do. You will get 150 character space to describe your blog

Error and redirect

Here you can see two options just below Meta Tag, So you can see here two options is given first custom 404 and custom redirect
Let’s explain it one my one

What is Custom 404
So, Basically Custom 404 is just an error. When your website is ranking on Google and due to some reason you need to delete the post(This is know as Broken Link)then the error occurs names as Custom 404. This may lead your ranking in Google
But here is also a second option that is Custom redirect

How To Start A Blog In Blogger

Let’s understand Custom redirect

Now let’s take an example for better understanding. As I’m explain above custom 404 error. You you not want to see this error and your website rankings on Google. So add the custom redirect URL that help you to solve the Error 404

Now how to add custom redirect

You need to know first where is your broken link or the post may you delete

So go to that post where you find the error or broken link URL then copy everything after ‘/’.
For example: Due to some reason my Blog Post show Error 404 then what to do. Just go to the post URL like
Here you need to copy everything after the ‘/’ that means i copy how-to-start-a-blog-in-blogger.html and it’s done your first work

Now how to redirect your error page to your other blog post or your home page

Now go back to Blogger Dashboard and select options custom redirect and you can see From: section. Paste the copy URL in the From: section
now from where you redirect your Error post?Just do same steps go-to any of your blog post and copy the same URL after ‘/’ and Go back to blogger dashboard and paste the code in To: Section.
This steps help you to redirect your error page to your other blog post when someone click on that URL

You can also add your home page URL of your website in To: section. But here you don’t need to paste any URL in To: section it’s automatically redirect to your home page of your Website.

Hope you enjoying How to start a blog in Blogger. If yes? Readout more exciting points to increase more traffic in Your Blogger website

Sounds Good?

Edit Crawlers and indexing in Blogger settings

Here you can see Enable custom Robot.txt
You need to enable it if your website is submitted in Google Search Console
Read more about Google search console

Now let’s see other options Enable custom robot tag. Here you need to turn it on because it’s very essential in ranking and SEO optimisation also

After turn it on you can see below some more extra options, Let’s edit some stuff and allow Search engine to access more about your website
Now I’m going to do some steps you just need to follow and edit the settings in your Blogger

Edit Home Page Tag, Archive and search page tag & Post and Page Tag

Click on the home page tag. After click you can see a new Pop-up windows open, Here you need to do some changes

How To Start A Blog In Blogger
Now turn on the two options ☑️ alt & ☑️ noodp
Now click on the save button and save it
Going to do same thing click on Archive and search page tag & Again new Pop-up windows open.
Now turn on two options ☑️ noindex & ☑️ noodp
As same process click on Post and Page Tag
Now turn on the two options ☑️ alt & ☑️noodp
And save it

Here you almost done to know How to start a blog in Blogger

Now at last step to get some paid of your hardware by Doing Monetisation in Your Blogger Website from Google Adsense

Go to Blogger Dashboard -> Just below Enable custom robot.txt

How To Start A Blog In Blogger

You will find the Monetisation section, Enable this option when your blogger website is ready to get Ads ready website and if your website is ready to get Monetisation
Then sign up with Google Adsense and Go

ogle Will give you some Ads code(JavaScript) you need to add it on the Monetisation section in the option custom ads.txt
After adding the code Google will verify your site is ready for monetise or not
If your website is ready then Google Adsense send Ads to your website and You will earn money from there

And one more important thing you can do also a Affiliate Marketing to earn massive income when you Promote the Any company product and your will get commission when Customer buy there product

Some Suggestions From Me

While Google is giving you a free Domain + Web hosting and here you get top level Domain .com and a free web hosting I suggest you to add your some afford to Buy a Domain from Any domain provider like GoDaddy, Namecheap,Bluehost & etc. After you buy a domain it’s cost you roughly $13 (₹1000) and connect Yo

ur domain with Blogger Google give you a high potential your your blog

Let me derive a benefit to buying a Domain

  • Your ranking was increase : When you connect your top level domains with your blogger then you can easily rank on Google while writing a well SEO friendly Post
  • Get Fast Google Adsense Approval : The benefits to connect your account with Google help you to get fastest Google Adsense Approval, But your website must be 1 month old as well as well designed and almost 25+ blog post needed. If you not able you buy a domain you can use free blogger but you should wait for more almost 6 month old website need for monetise if you use Google Free Domain.
  • Create Subdomain and earn more : You can create various subdomain with your main domain and connect it with other Blogger Website and earn money with single Adsense Approval Account, That mean you not need to monetise the other blogger You just need to add the Google Adsense Ads code and Ads will runs. Don’t worry this method is doesn’t disable your Google Adsense Account.
  • Create a pages like Privacy Police, About us, Contact us, Terms and conditions and it’s done. This all facters need to get Google Adsense Approval. Do follow all the steps well

Now you are completely understand how to start a blog in Blogger
I guide you from Beginner to adv

ance in this post and it’s help you a lot in While Create a blog with Blogger

I think now you have confidence to start a blog in blogger successful


1.Can we make blog in mobile?

Yes You can Easily make it in blogger. The new interface of Blogger is very responsive in any Smartphone or mobile and you can easily add post, edit post change layout, edit your template and also easily customise your Blog website.

2. How much time need to get Google Adsense Approval?
If you use free domain provided by Google then Your Blogger Website must be 6 month old then after you can apply for Google Adsense.

3. After Buying a domain how much time needed to get Google Adsense Approval?
After Buy any Top level domain like .com .in .net .org etc. Then your Blogger website must be 1 month old with 25+ Post needed then after you apply for Adsense and you will get definately Adsense Approval.

4. Can we rank on Google using Blogger?
Yes why not, you can easily rank on Google using Blogger well. Just you need to work hard and provide great content and do On-page SEO it’s really help to rank on Google.

5. How to do On-page SEO in Blogger?
You can do On-page SEO in WordPress easily due to many Plugins support but in Blogger there is no Plugin support that help you to do On-page SEO.

6. Can we earn money form Blogger?
Yes why not. Blogger is Google own platform where you can create websites and earn money By Google AdSense.


it’s done guys, I really very happy to see your sucess
And now it’s done I’m completely help you in How to start a blog in Blogger and i think till now your all Dought clear

You can do one thing that’s motivate me a lot by share this post with Your friends and family and say her to share with her friends

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And if you stuck at any settings any options and any point let me know in comments I’m always free here to reply your all comments.

Your each every single share Motivate me to make more helpful Guide for You Guys 

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