Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Review: 5X Your Website Traffic

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Good News!
Ahref launch Ahrefs Webmaster Tools for free.

Believe me Guys it’s Absolutely Free For All who have a website or a blog

But there are many Questions comes into your mind about Ahrefs Webmaster Tools.

Don’t worry today on this article I complete guide you how to submit your website on Ahrefs Webmaster Tools, what features you get while sign up Ahrefs Webmaster tool and that’s it.

So before going to start make sure guys You join our FB Discussion Group To connect with me if you found any problems.

What is Ahrefs Tool?
Ahrefs is a keyboard research tool used my Million of Users who having a website, blog, own business, Company etc. The tool has more than a 10 Million website store in her database system.

Feature List

  • Domain Overview
  • Keyword Research (Popular)
  • Backing Analysis
  • Backlinks Checker
  • Organic Traffic Checker
  • Disawov Link Tool
  • Keyword Ranking Checker

The actual cost of the Keyword Planner is starting at $99/mo. Most amazing point on this Article You get it for free of cost when you sign up for there webmaster tool Program.

Till now, here you know what is Ahrefs Tool. Now time to move on next

Let’s Device on Your topic from Initial.

Table Of Contents

Benefits of Using Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

Well, As Google Webmaster Tool or Bing, Yahoo. Ahrefs is also start working on webmaster tool.
Believe me it’s an great opportunity to boost your traffic on Your Website and increase your ranking

Now what you get From Ahref. Here sometime you get from it.

You get Free Plan for Your Ahrefs Account else you can use their paid plan also ($99/Mo.)

Free Websites Checker. You can check from where you get Backlinks, how your website performing, Domain Overview, Keyword Ranking checker and many more amazing features.

Absolutely Free if you have website.

Here is something Amazing features you get from Ahref when you submit your website on Ahrefs Webmaster Tool.

Sound Good? Readout more to know more about this tool

Complete Site Audit Functionality

Ahrefs Offer free complete Site Audit for your website after sign up with Ahref Webmaster Tool.

Now let’s crack one by one what you get in free plan for your website.

1. Domain Overview

Here after register you can access now your complete domain Overview what you DA PA Score, Track Backlinks and everything you can access and check from this Tools which is absolutely free.

Well You Analyse Your Full Domain Everything you can check all of the functionality of Ahref Tool. But only for your domain not for other.

2. Internal Pages Report

Analyse from which page you interlink your content any it aslo check what your page error. From which link are broken link of your content.

The tool also suggest you how to fix that error and help you by guide else you can read There Blog post also from where you can get complete idea.

You get each and every topic idea with variety of categories. You get your solution from her blog post

3. Backlinks Checker

Check From Where you get Backlinks. How was the quality of Backlinks and also check spammy Backlinks

You can also apply Felter which Backlinks is do-follow or no-follow

Analyse which Backlinks is good for your site and which not. Check all the linking domain with your domain.

You can also export all the list of Backlinks with complete data which Backlinks have how much DA PA, how was the spam score and everything you can export and save for future.

4. Ahrefs Disawov Tool

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools allow you to disawov the bad Backlinks from your site. They provide you complete data from where you get Backlinks and which Backlinks are spammy Backlinks

Many times we doesn’t check our spam score and our haters making our website spammy. You can Analyse your website and check the bad Backlinks and export it.

And after go and upload this files in Ahrefs Disawov Tool, But if you go for Google Disawov Tool is much beneficial to you. Google never allow to use any third party site to remove any links from your site it may be negative effects in your website.

5. On Page Matrix analysis

Check your whole Website on page score, And analyse what mistake you done and how to fix this issue and improve your website performance.

Well best part is absolutely free for All. Amazing!

You can also analyse on-page on which post you haven’t updated any Meta Description not edit Permalink. Check which Content You haven’t add Alt Text in images and mach more.

6. Ahrefs 404 Error Monitor

Free check from which links 404 Error error occurred and user can’t found your content.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tool Complete gives analysis of which links having 404 error. You can redirect links to your other new post or you can redirect it to your homepage.

Make sure your website doesn’t have any 404 Error it may be down your ranking on Google and also negative impact in your website try to fix this 404 Error and redirect (301) asap.

7. Health Score Checker

After complete you site audit make sure you also check you site Health Score.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools allow this page is affected page, from where your website having 404 Error, check internal links issue

Check your health score and having issue try to fix the issue they guide you my short paragraph read and try to fix for better website performance.

Now, it’s all of the benefits of Ahref tool, and till now you understand you can boost your traffic 5X Faster.

But many of you don’t know how to get start with Ahrefs Webmaster Tools. Well don’t worry readout more to get start with Ahrefs Webmaster Tools.

How To Get Start With Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

It’s as simple as while submitting your website on Google Webmaster Tool. Just follow simple steps and you easily Done

Step 1: Go To Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

Click here And Go to Ahrefs Webmaster Tools and just simple sign up with Your Google Account or You can sigh up with FB also.

Recommend To select Google account for future support.

Just select which Google Account You want to choose to Sign up and move on next steps

Step 2: Complete Your Account

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

There some basic questions ask from You as simple you can answer each questions.

They ask From Where did you learn about Ahref. Not tough to answer just enter from website or any where from you know.

And below select check box if you want there Product updates or new Ahrefs Blog Post. It’s not mendotory to select this check box

Step 3: Create a Project

In this step enter your Domain Name. Whatever domain You Buy.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

For mine case it’s my domain BloggerBasic.com so here I entered my domain name. You need to enter yours. Make sure you Purchased a Domain after you proceed.

And that’s it don’t need to change anything in scope option just enter your domain name and you done

Now, They asking for a project name just enter your Product name as you want. Mine case I select my product name as my domain name. You choose what you want or you can use own domain name in your Product (Note: Don’t add .com or .in in product name)

And after they check your domain is accessible or not. If the domain is active then it’s shows verify tick your domain accessible.

Now at last click continue for future process.

Step 4: Verify Ownership

Well there are lots of options to verify your owner ship.

Recommend To choose Google Search Console because as simple it verify your Ownership and also collect data from Google search Console for better experience.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

Make sure guys select only that Google Account which is verified by Google search Console and your Domain Property should be added or verified on Google search Console.

Frankly says, Ahref collect the data from Google Console and analysis it and show you results that’s why recommend to choose this option.

Well, You have more three options to verify our ownership

DNS record
You can verify your Ownership by Adding TXT record in your DNS. Just copy the code from Ahrefs Webmaster Tools and add into Your Domain Record from where you purchased your domain

After Adding TXT Record go back to Webmaster Tool And click on the right top Recheck Status and You done. Our ownership verify sucessfully

You can verify your Ownership by uploading HTML File into your Domain Root directory.

Just domain the file and upload on Root directory and then just recheck status. And You done it successfully

Well you can also verify your Ownership by adding Meta Tag in Your header section.

Just Copy the meta tag and paste it into the HTML code of your site’s homepage. It should go in the section, before the first section.

My title Page contents

And after click recheck status and You done Your ownership verify. You completely done your Ownership Verification and Now you can fill Audit your site.

Congratulations You completely Register for Ahrefs Webmaster Tools.

Till now, I don’t think you have any problems else related to Ahrefs Webmaster Tools. If having problem let me know in the comment section I always available to help and solve your queries.

FAQ Related To Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

1. How Ahrefs Webmaster Tool help to increase Traffic?

Ahrefs Tool full Audit Your site and Analyse what mistake you done what the issue you have, which page is effected, 404 error monitor and much more features and also guide you how to fix that issue. If you have this issue and when you fix it Google have sign that this website issues has been fixed and your ranking or traffic both boost.

2. What is Ahrefs Webmaster Tools?

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools is a tool which collect the entire data from Google Search Console and Analyse our hole site which have what kind of issue and also help to crawl or index your post asap.

You can share with Your Friends and Family or who have website and want to register her site in Ahrefs Webmaster Tools.

Your each and every single share motive me a lot to make more stuff.

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  1. Great Bhai Adarsh, Ahref Webmaster Tool also sends notifications about Keyword Ranking Positions through email. By-the-way great article. Keep it up.

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    Amazing brother well explained.. you are doing really a great thing keep it up. And thanks for taking a time to write this article.
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