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Sunday, June 12, 2016

How To Buy Affordable & Reliable Web Hosting in Pakistan ?

How To Buy Affordable & Reliable Web Hosting in Pakistan ?
The main purpose of this post is to tell you that how you can buy web hosting and domains on cheapest prices in Pakistan. Bilal Ashraf started to provide web hosting and domain registration in Pakistan and launched a company named Bilalhost Pakistan. Bilalhost provides cheap web hosting and domain registration services. BilalHost Also provides Reseller web hosting,Master reseller hosting, Alpha reseller,Vps servers, dedicated servers and domain reseller in Pakistani currency. He Accept payment via Easy Paisa,Ubl Omni,Time pay,Mobile Paisa, Paypal express Checkout and any type of credit etc. He always trys There level best to provide cheap web hosting with fully managed and also with 100% uptime. Bilalhost provides selectives domain free of cost with each and every package.He provides full access of domains to every client with domain panel even e don’t lock domain of our client. Its mean that there is no contract with Him and Her clients. Clients can easily move or transfer domains If they are not satisfied with There services. In Pakistan there are many companies which don’t provide domains to client. But He believe that Domain is important asset of our clients and He gives full access to There clients and client can manage domain whenever they wants. He provides sitelock cdn/waf for 100 pages scan to whom who has our wordpress web hosting and unlimited web hosting plans. Our all Plans have Cloud Flare,Ddos Deflect, attracta seo tools and search engine marketing tools and auto installer that have 200 plus scripts. For further information please visit Her site Bilalhost dot com. He have promotional code for all over plans.

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Why Choose Bilalhost?
  1. BilalHost Gives full access of domains to There Clients.
  2. He Reply For ticket in less than 25 minute average time.
  3. Bilalhost provides any type of support on phone.
  4. They are available for Clients 24/7/365 phone and email support
  5. Bilalhost Provides 99.99% uptime For all Plans.
  6. They have our own 8 dedicated server/Vps server on lease bases.
  7. Currently serving 5,00+ sites
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  2. I hope all hosting plans are affordable as mentioned , thank you for sharing !

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