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Monday, April 11, 2016

How To Hide Files & Folder In Windows 7, 8, 10 ?

How To Hide Files & Folder In Windows 7, 8, 10 ?
We are using computers and laptops in every field because of their fast speed and efficiency including Education, Entertainment, Business management, Medical etc. With the help of computer also we can listen songs, watch movies, browse internet, play games etc. Computer can store huge amount of data. In our computers we can store our most precious data. In situation where if a single computer is used by many users or friends and we have to protect our data from others the folder hiding option is good for hiding data and provide protection to our data.

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if a home computer is used by both child and parent there is chance of accidentally damage our data by children or other person. The better solution to this problem is to hide our data by providing protection against accidentally damage. If you do not know how to hide your files and folder then don't worry because in this article we explain about Two methods to hide files and folders.

;) Hide Files Or Folder With Windows Option !

  • First of All Open Your My Computer. Now you see my computer Window.
  • In My computer Window, You look for organize button.
  • Now Click the Organize button And you see a dialog box.
  • In the dialog box click on Folder and Search option.
  • Now you see another dialog box. In the next dialog box click on view button.
  • In the Next window you can see hidden files and folder option.
  • In hidden files and folder option select the Don't show hidden files and folder radio button.
  • Click on Apply button and then click OK.
Now your All files and folders will be hidden. if you want to show hidden files and folder then select second option which is given below from the first option.

Hide Folders From Files Properties !

  • Right click on the specific folder which you want to hide.
  • After right click you see a popup menu.
  • Under the popup menu select the properties option.
  • After clicking properties you will see a New dialog box.
  • In the dialog box under the general Tab you will see a attributes option.
  • In front of attribute option tick the hidden option.
  • Now Click on Apply button and then click OK. And your folder become completely hidden.
If you want to see hidden files And folders then you need to follow 1st method explained in Above paragraph. Simple check the show hidden files option and then again open properties of hidden file and uncheck the hidden option.

So these are the some best possible ways to hide files, folders with the help of windows features and other

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