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Saturday, April 23, 2016

What is a Blog Archive? How to Create an Archive in Blogger

What is a Blog Archive? How to Create an Archive in Blogger
Looking for a blog which is under the heaps of recent blogs? Then blog archive prevents your blog to get rusted and connects your readers to your recent post as well as previous posts. on yours homepage is saturated with the blogs that just got published so, an archive makes your blog accessible to your readers.The history of archive dates back to the time when blog evolved. it was really difficult for the users to go through the previous posts and they had to scroll and scroll to get their specific post. Thus, archive provides your blog with plausibility. In this article, we will Talk about What is a Blog Archive? How to Create an Archive in Blogger.

Why a Blog Should have a Blog Archive

                 This is the question which arises in a dozen minds so, here is answer of this question. Blog archive has many beneficial effects on your blog. It helps the visitor to sail smoothly through the previous articles. It prevents blog from crowding of posts and keeps them aligned in their order of publishing dates. reader indulges himself to your blog thus spending more time on your blog boosting up your ranking and getting more and more subscribers to your blog.
For Example: if a reader viewed your blog to read a specific article, archive will provide him with the related articles thus he will stick to your blog as a permanent reader. This will ultimately add traffic to your blog.

How to Create an Archive in Blogger

         In order to get an archive, you don't have to suffer much. Creating an archive is just a piece of cake. All you have to do is to follow these steps.
  • Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Layout
  • Select "Add a Gadget"
  • In the list of different gadgets select "Archive"
  • Save the gadget and now you are done.

How to Maintain an Archieve ?

        The nature of blog archive depends upon the niche of your blog. It is suggested to have an archive running next to your article. The archive should be provided with all of the articles list published in your blog facilitating the users.

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