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Sunday, March 6, 2016

How To Protect USB Pendrive With Password ?

How To Protect USB Pendrive With Password ?
normally we store data in computers of multiple type. Due to huge amount of data is store, We need to take backup or we want to transfer them from one device to anther devise. So use USB devices to transfer data between multiple computers. USB device is also called pendrive or flash drives. These devises are compact in size and offer large data storage capacity. USB device are plug and play device and has more life than CD's and DVD's  and it also provide re-writable features. As we Know that USB device are portable and used to move data. Usb pendrive are used for data transfer. Sometimes we need to keep our information secret and protect our data from misuse by others and remain safe. In this article i will explain you the methods of to protect usb pendrive with password.

Method 1st:- BitLock Encryption

          Bitlock Encryption is a manual method which provided by Windows to protect our USB devise. Each time you insert the USB devise you have to enter the bit lock pass to open the USB devise and access the files.

;)Step 1. Insert your USB into the Computer.

;)Step 2. Right click on the USB devise you want to Encrypt.

;)Step 3. Select turn on Bitlock from Menu.

;)Step 4. Tick the check box in front of  "use a password to unlock the drive".

;)Step 5. Click on next button after entering your password.

;)Step 6. Next wizard is to save and print Recovery key in case you forgot your password

;)Step 7. click on next button and drive encryption will start.

;)Step 8. After the encryption is complete click on close button.

                    Wondershare USB Drive Encryption is a software which used to encrypt the USB devise and allow you to use password  to encrypt and  decrypt the USB devise. This software allow you to make a secure area in your devise and you can also protect the whole devise

;)Step 1. first of all Download and install Wondershare USB Encryption software.

;)Step 2. Double click its icon to Run the Program.

;)Step 3. Insert your USB devise into your computer.

;)Step 4. Select your drive you want encrypt from the list of USB.

;)Step 5. Select the Amount of volume you want to encrypt.

;)Step 6. Click  on  Install Button.

;)Step 7. Enter a user name and Password for Encryption.

;)Step 8. Click OK to create secure Area.

;)Step 9. After progress click OK.

So these are the some best way to make password protected usb pendrive.

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